Airdog1 propeller compatibility with Airdog ADII

Yes, Airdog1 propellers are compatible with the Airdog ADII drone.

Only thing that you'll have to do is swap the motor hubs. To do that you'll need a screwdriver, that can fit the propeller hub thread hole:

Firstly place all propellers on the table and match each Airdog1 propeller with analog Airdog ADII propeller (pay attention to the propeller shape and hub orientation):

Then take the damaged propeller, insert the screwdriver into the thread hole and carefully (be careful not to injure your hands) press to push the motor hub out:

Now do the same thing with the analog Airdog1 propeller. Then take the ADII motor hub and put it on the Airdog1 propeller (make sure that you attach the ADII motor hub on the correct side of the propeller):

Press the propeller on a hard and stable surface:

Make sure that there is no gap between the motor hub and the propeller plastic: