How to remove LiDAR cover

If you get the error message: "65: LiDAR error, scroll down form more info…" please open the LiDAR cover and check if all connectors are fully connected. 

Here's how to remove the LiDAR cover:

  1. Remove the Airdog battery before you open the LiDAR cover! 
  2. Press the snap-fit:
  3. Tilt the LiDAR cover up until it releases from the other two snap-fits:

  4. Now check if the connectors are inserted completely:

Here's how to attach the LiDAR cover back:

  1. Insert the front snap-fit first (make sure that the wires are not pinched):
  2.  Then press down on both snap-fits until they're in place:

P.S. The LiDAR cover removal and attaching process is the same for Airdog1 drone version.