Preflight Check Procedure

Go to a wide open place with level surface, away from thick trees, tall buildings and high cliffs.

Power on Airdog and AirLeash and wait until 100% GPS signal is acquired. Do not cover AirLeash with hands or clothing during use to ensure strong GPS signal at all times. Once GPS for Airdog and AirLeash is at 100%, you will be required to perform the Preflight Check for Airdog and AirLeash separately.

Preflight Check is a very simple safety routine requested once a day for Airdog and once every two weeks for AirLeash. Preflight Check is needed, to verify that all systems function properly and autonomous flight can be performed safely. 

Watch the tutorial video on how to do the Preflight Check for Airdog and AirLeash:


If you see an error message during the Preflight Check, please repeat the Preflight Check few more times. If the same error persists, please read the error message thoroughly to identify which sensor if failing and then recalibrate it. Before attempting any sensor calibration please watch our sensor calibration tutorial videos: