Scenic Shots

Scenic Shots allow you to capture the amazing world around you, of course, hands-free and in perfect frame, every time. Flight and camera movements are synchronized to provide a unique and perfectly timed shot.

There are five preset Scenic Shot capture modes allow you to document the world around you:

To use the Scenic Shots:

1. Press the "STAR" button on AirLeash (while Airdog is in air).

2. With arrow UP/DOWN buttons select which Scenic Shot you would like to do. Please read the detailed description of the Scenic Shot by scrolling down and then press OK.

3. You will have to choose what happens when the Scenic Shot movement is completed. You can choose between "HOVER" and "FOLLOW"

  • If you select "HOVER", Airdog will stay in hover mode after it completed the Scenic Shot movement.
  • If you choose "FOLLOW", Airdog will complete the Scenic Shot movement and then immediately start following you, so you can get those epic shots for the beginning of your clip.


  • You can always stop Airdog during the Scenic Shot mode by pressing the "PLAY/PAUSE" or "OK" button on AirLeash.
  • If you choose "Look Away" mode and press the "PLAY/PAUSE" button, Airdog will "follow" you in fixed follow mode (but the camera will be pointed away from you). To stop Look Away Scenic Shot press the "OK" button!