3D Line via AirLeash

With the ADII, we are introducing our most advanced feature yet, the 3D-Line Mode. You can now set custom waypoints as well as desired altitude settings (for each point), through the AirLeash or Airdog app, providing extreme levels of safety in areas such as single-track trails, race tracks, cable wakeboarding and terrain parks, and anywhere else where you want your ADII to stay away from existing infrastructure, trees, buildings and other obstacles. In this mode, the ADII will fly along a pre-programmed flight path while still following and keeping you perfectly framed in the video shot.

Watch the video below to learn how to create a 3D LINE with AirLeash:


  • AirLeash can store only one line at a time, make sure that you SYNC AirLeash and Airdog after you have recorded a LINE with AirLeash.
  • You don't need to power ON Airdog, to create a 3D LINE with AirLeash, the only thing you'll need is a good GPS signal.


Before takeoff place Airdog in the same altitude that the 1st point was recorded. Ideally record the 1st point exactly where you plan the takeoff spot for Airdog will be.