How to select Hero6 camera

The Airdog ADII gimbal adapter was built specially for GoPro Hero 5 Black camera. The gimbal charges your cameras battery and also has the ability to auto start & stop video recording during take-off and landing.

Unfortunately due to GoPro Hero 6 camera firmware issue, Airdog ADII can't auto start & stop video recording with Hero 6 cameras. You are still able to use a Hero 6 camera on Airdog ADII, but you'll need to power on the camera and start/stop recording manually.

So to be able to fly Airdog ADII with a Hero 6 camera, you'll need to select the Hero 6 camera via AirLeash settings menu. Please follow these steps:

1. Power ON Airdog ADII (without camera attached) and AirLeash, wait until "SYNCING" completes.

2. Press the MENU button on AirLeash, and scroll (with RIGHT arrow button) to "SETTINGS" menu, press OK.

3. Scroll (with RIGHT arrow button) to "CAMERA" menu, press OK.

4. Press OK (on the "Camera ctrl" menu)

5. Press arrow UP button until you see "Hero 6", press MENU

6. Press MENU button one more time and then OK button to save the settings.

7. Reboot Airdog and AirLeash, and you're set!